I had purchased a lipgloss and a lipstick for a friend as a thank you gift, and I needed a creative way of wrapping the two oddly shaped items.  I came across this website that provides easy to follow directions on making tissue paper flowers for gift wrapping:  http://feelingfuzzy.blogspot.com/2009/11/learn-to-make-paper-flowers.html (there’s many websites with directions as well but this was the first one that came up in my google search). I had red tissue paper and hair elastics on hand (I didn’t have string) so I gave it a shot, and ta-da!  It turned out pretty good for my first time.  I just wrapped the elastic around tissue paper, and the lipstick and lipgloss to hold the two together.  So needless to say, I’m going tissue paper flower happy with all the tissue paper that I have laying around, and I’m excited to try other flower shapes too.  I think this is a beautiful way of presenting gifts, and I hope you try it out as well.  Happy Saturday!